too big

His shoes are too big for him.

too much

There is too much sugar in it.

too loud

Can you turn the radio down?
It’s too loud. (= louder than I want)

I can’t work. I’m too tired.

I think you work too hard.

I don’t like the weather here. There is too much rain.
(= more rain than is good)

let’s go to another restaurant.There are too many people here.

Emily studies all the time. I think she studies too much.

Traffic is a problem in this town.There are too many cars.

too big

The hat is too big for him.

The music is too loud. Can you turn it down, please?

There’s too much sugar in my coffee. (= more sugar than I want)

I don’t feel very well. I ate too much.

not big enough

The hat isn’t big enough for him. (= it’s too small)

The music isn’t loud enough. Can you turn it up, please?

There’s not enough sugar In my coffee. (= I need more sugar)

You’re very thin. You don’t eat enough.

These shoes are too big for me.

It’s a small house – too small for a large family.

I’m too tired to go out (not for go out)

It’s too cold to sit outside.

She speaks too fast for me to understand.

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