She isn’t going to take a taxi.
She doesn’t have enough money.


He can’t reach the shelf.
He isn’t tall enough.

A: Is there enough salt in the soup?
B: Yes. it’s fine.

We wanted to play football, but we didn’t have enough players.

Why don’t you buy a car? You’ve got enough money. (not money enough)

I’ve got some money, but not enough to buy a car.
(= I need more money to buy a car)

A: Would you like some more to eat?
B: No, thanks. I’ve had enough.

You’re always at home. You don’t go out enough.

A: Do you want to go swimming?
B: No, it isn’t warm enough (not enough warm)

Can you hear the radio? Is it loud enough for you?

Don’t buy that coat. It’s nice, but it isn’t long enough. (= it’s too short)

enough + noun

enough money

enough time

enough people


tall enough

good enough

old enough

enough for somebody/something

This sweater isn’t big enough for me.

I don’t have enough money for a new car.

enough to do something

I don’t have enough money to buy a new car (not for buy)

Is your English good enough to have a conversation? (not for have)

enough for somebody/something  to do something

There aren’t enough chairs for everybody to sit down.

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