When …

it was raining

When I went out it was raining. or It was raining when I went out.

When you’re tired, don’t drive.
Don’t drive when you’re tired.

Heather was 25 when she got married.
When Heather got married, she was 25.

Always look both ways before you cross the street.
Before you cross the street, always look both ways.

While I was waiting for the bus. it began to rain.
It began to rain while I was waiting for the bus

He never played football again after he broke his leg.
After he broke his leg, he never played football again.

Hannah will be in Mexico when Sarah is in New York.

When I get home tonight, I’m going to take a shower.
(not When I will get home)

I can’t talk to you now. I’ll talk to you later when I have more time.

Please dose the window before you go out. (not before you will go)

Rachel is going to stay in our apartment while we are away. (not while we will be)

I’ll wait here undl you come back. (not until you will tome back)

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