Give me that book! Give it to me!


I gave the keys to Sarah.

I gave Sarah the keys.

.to me
?to her
?to your mother
.to a friend of mine
?to Kate
.to us
these flowers
my car
a postcard
That’s my book. Give
These are Sue’s keys. Can you give
Can you give
| lent
Did you send
We’ve seen these pictures. You showed
.that book. It’s mine
.some flowers
.some money

?an email. Did you get it
.her vacation photos
?the salt, please
his mother
Tom gave
I lent
How much money did you fend
i sent
Nicole showed
Can you pass

I bought my mother some flowers. (= I bought some flowers for my mother.)

I’m going to the store. Can I get you anything? (= get anything for you)

I gave the keys to Sarah. and I gave Sarah the keys.
(but not I gave to Sarah the keys)

That’s my book. Can you give it to me? and Can you give me that book?
(but not Can you give to me that book?)

I gave it to her. (not I gave her it)

Here are the keys. Give them to your father. (not Give your father them)

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