up, over, throught, etc.

Sarah is going to France next week.

We walked from the hotel to the station.

A lot of English words come from Latin.

We jumped into the water.

A man came out of the house and got into a car.

I took the old batteries out of the radio.

I put new batteries In the radio.

Don’t put your feet on the table.

Please take your feet off the table.

I’m going to hang some pictures on the wall.

Be careful! Don’t fall off your bike!

We got on the bus downtown.

We walked up the hill to the house.

Be careful! Don’t fall down the stairs.

The plane flew over the mountains.

I jumped over the wall into the yard.

Some people say it is unlucky to walk under a ladder.

A bird flew into the room through a window.

The old highway goes through the town.

The new road goes around the town.

The bus stop is just around the corner.

I walked around the town and took some pictures.

I was walking along the road with my dog.

Let’s go for a walk along the river.

The dog swam across the river.

They walked past me without speaking.

A: Excuse me, how do I get to the hospital?
B: Go along this street, past the movie theater, under the bridge, and the hospital is on the left.

نمونه جمله فاعل افعال to be
I do my work do I
he likes ice cream likes he
she buys a new car every year buys she
it has a door has it
we play footbal play we
you seem sad seem you
they read a alot read they

always, never, often, usually, sometimes + حال ساده

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