listen to … – look at …

Don’t ask me for money. I don’t have any.

This house doesn’t belong to me. (= it’s not mine)

I can’t find my phone. What happened to it?

Listen to this music. It’s great.

Did you talk to Matt about the problem?

I’d like to speak to the manager, please.

When Pat is at work, a friend of hers takes care of her children.

Don’t lose this book. Take care of it.

Thank you very much for your help.

He never thinks about (or of) other people.

Nick is thinking of (or about) buying a new car.

Wait for me. I’m almost ready.

He’s looking at his watch.

Look at these flowers! They’re beautiful!

Why are you looking at me like that?

She lost her key. She’s looking for it.

I’m looking for Sarah. Have you seen her?

I have to call my parents tonight.
(not call to my parents)

Should I text you or email you?

A: Do you like eating in restaurants?
B: Sometimes. It depends on the restaurant. (not it depends of)

A: Do you want to come out with us?
B: It depends where you’re going. or It depends on where you’re going.

نمونه جمله فاعل افعال to be
I do my work do I
he likes ice cream likes he
she buys a new car every year buys she
it has a door has it
we play footbal play we
you seem sad seem you
they read a alot read they

always, never, often, usually, sometimes + حال ساده

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