the … (names of places)

Quebec is a province of Canada.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt.

Hawaii is an island in the Pacific.

Peru is in South America.

the Dominican Republic

the United States of America (the USA)

the United Kingdom (the UK)

the Netherlands

the Hawaiian Islands

the Philippines

the Andes

the Atlantic (Ocean)

the Mediterranean (Sea)

the Amazon

the Nile (River)

the Panama Canal

the Black Sea

Kevin lives on Central Avenue.

Where is Main Street, please?

Times Square is in New York.

O’Hare International Airport

Yosemite (National Park)

Pennsylvania Station

Carnegie Hall

Harvard University

Pomona College

the Regent Hotel

the National Theater

the Metropolitan (Museum)

the Cineplex (movie theater)

the Taj Mahal

the Lincoln Memorial

the Museum of Modern Art

the University of California

the Great Wall of China

the Statue of Liberty

I’ve been to the north of Italy, but not to the south.

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