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قبلاً در مورد the صحبت کردیم. در این درس قصد داریم نکات بیشتری در مورد the یاد بگیریم. یادآوری می‌کنیم که the رایج‌ترین کلمه زبان انگلیسی است بنابراین بد نیست نکات بیشتری را در مورد آن یاد بگیریم.

What is the name of this street? (there is only one name)

Who is the best player on your team? (there is only one best player)

Can you tell me the time, please? (= the time now)

My office is on the first floor. (= the first floor of the building)

Do you live near the airport? (not near airport)

Excuse me where is the nearest bank? (not where is nearest …)

بخش the same

We live on the same street. (not on same street)

– Are these two books different?
– No, they’re the same. (not they’re same)

The sky is blue, and the sun is shining.

Do you live in a city or in the country?

My brother is a soldier. He’s in the army.

What do you think of the police? Do they do a good job?

Write your name at the top of the page.

My house is at the end of this block.

The table is in the middle of the room.

Do you drive on the right or on the left in your country?

Anna is learning to play the piano.

I listen to the radio a lot.

What do you use the Internet for?

جاهایی که نمیشه از the استفاده کنیم

I watch TV a lot.

What’s on television tonight?
but Can you turn off the TV? (= the TV set)

What did you have for breakfast? (not the breakfast)

Dinner is ready!

I’m not working next week. (not the next week)

Did you take a vacation last summer? (not the last summer)

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