Somebody (or Someone) broke the window.


She has something in her mouth.


Tom lives somewhere near Chicago.

There is somebody (or someone) at the door.

Is there anybody (or anyone) at the door?

There isn’t anybody (or anyone) at the door.

There is nobody (or no one) at the door.

Sarah said something but I didn’t understand what she said.

Are you doing anything this weekend?

I was angry, but I didn’t say anything.

-What did you say?

Megan’s parents live somewhere in Southern California

Did you go anywhere last weekend?

I’m staying here. I’m not going anywhere.

I don’t like this town. There is nowhere to go.


Did you meet anybody interesting at the party?

We always go to the same place. Let’s go somewhere different.

-What’s in that letter?
-it’s nothing important.


I’m hungry. I want something to eat. (= something that I can eat)

Tony doesn’t have anybody to talk to. (= anybody chat he can talk to)

There is nowhere to go in this town. (= nowhere where people can go)

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