in – at – on (2)

-Where’s Kate?
-She’s In bed.

David’s father is sick. He’s in the hospital.

I like to look at the stars in the sky at night.

What’s the largest city in the world?

I read about the accident in the newspaper.

You look sad in this picture.

Did you come here in your car?

There’s a big tree In the middle of the yard.

-Where’s Kate?
-She’s at work.

Do you want me to meet you at the train station?

I saw your brother at the post office today.

-Where were you yesterday?
-At my sister’s.

I saw Tom at the doctor’s.

There weren’t many people at the party.

We stayed at a nice hotel. or We stayed in a nice hotel.

-Where’s your sister? is she home?
-No, she’s at school.

-Does your sister have a jobs?
-No, she’s still in school / in college.

Did you come here on the bus?

The office is on the second floor.

I met Anna on the way to work / on the way home.

My brother lives on a nice street.

نمونه جمله فاعل افعال to be
I do my work do I
he likes ice cream likes he
she buys a new car every year buys she
it has a door has it
we play footbal play we
you seem sad seem you
they read a alot read they

always, never, often, usually, sometimes + حال ساده

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