a/an and the


the window

I’m going to wash the car tomorrow. (= my car)

Can you repeat the question, please? (= the question that you asked)

We enjoyed our vacation. The hotel was very nice. (= our hotel)

Paris is the capital of France. (there is only one capital of France)

Sarah is the youngest student in her class. (there is only one youngest student in her class)


a window

I have a car. (there are many cars and I have one)

Can I ask a question? (there are many questions – can I ask one?)

Is there a hotel near here? (there are many hotels – is there one near here?)

Paris is an interesting city.(there are many interesting cities and Paris is one)

Sarah is a student.(there are many students and Lisa is one)

I bought a jacket and a shirt. The jacket was cheap, but the shirt was expensive.
(= the jacket and the shirt that I bought)

the door / the ceiling / the floor / the carpet / the light, etc (of a room)

the roof/ the backyard / the kitchen / the bathroom, etc: (of a house)

the airport / the police station / the bus station / the mayor’s office, etc. (of a city)


-Where’s Tom?
-In the kitchen. (= the kitchen of this house or apartment)

Turn off the light and close the door. (= the light and the door of the room)

Do you live far from the airport? (= the airport of your town)

I’d like to speak to the manager, please. (= the manager of this score, etc.)

برای یادگیری زبان، یک جواب و روش همگانی نداریم

ببینید گام بعدی شما برای تقویت زبان چیست؟

برای گرفتن راه حل شخصی و اختصاصی شما (و رایگان) برای یادگیری واقعی زبان انگلیسی روی لینک زیر کلیک کنید:

دیدگاه‌ خود را بنویسید

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