to – in -at

We’re going to New York on Sunday.

I want to go to Mexico next year.

We walked from my house to the mall.

What time do you go to bed?

The bus is going to the airport.

Karen didn’t go to work yesterday.

I went to a party last night.

We’d like you to come to our house.

The Statue of Liberty is in New York.

My brother lives in Mexico.

The best stores are in the mall.

I like to read in bed.

The bus is at the airport.

Sarah wasn’t at work yesterday.

I met a lot of people at the party.

Helen stayed at her brother’s house.

I’m tired. I’m going home. (not to home)

Did you walk home?

I’m staying home tonight. or I’m staying at home tonight.

Dan doesn’t work in an office. He works at home.

They arrived in this country last week. (not arrived to this country)

What time did you arrive at the hotel? (not arrive to the hotel)

What time did you get to the hotel?

What time did you get to Tokyo?

I was tired when I got home. or I was tired when I arrived home.

نمونه جمله فاعل افعال to be
I do my work do I
he likes ice cream likes he
she buys a new car every year buys she
it has a door has it
we play footbal play we
you seem sad seem you
they read a alot read they

always, never, often, usually, sometimes + حال ساده

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