در این درس، دو ضمیر one و ones را یاد می‌گیریم.

اول موقعیت و تصویر زیر را در نظر بگیرید:


بعد جملات زیر را با در ذهن داشتن این موقعیت و تصویر بخوانید:

Would you like one?

Would you like a chocolate?

I need a pen. Do you have one? (one = a pen)

A: Is there a bank near here?
B: Yes, there’s one on the corner. (one = a bank)

احتمالاً مفهوم کلی این ضمیر را متوجه شده‌اید.

در ادامه one را با تفصیل بیشتری شرح می‌دهیم:


which one

which one? = which hat?

one = hat/girl/car,etc.

this one /that one

Which car is yours? This one or that one? (= this car or that car)

the one…

A: Which hotel did you stay at?
B: The one near the airport.

I found this key. Is it the one you lost?

the… one

I don’t like the black coat, but I like the brown one.

Don’t buy that camera Buy the other one.

a/an… one

This cup is dirty. Can I have a clean one?

That cookie was good. I’m going to have another one.

حالا اجازه بدهید جمع one را بررسی کنیم:

which ones

which ones? = which flowers?

ones = flowers/girls/cars,etc.

these/those(without ones)

Which flowers do you want? These or those? (usually not these ones or those ones)

the ones…

A: Which books are yours?
B: The ones on the table.

I found these keys. Are they the ones you lost?

the… ones

I don’t like the red shoes, but I like the green ones.

Don’t buy those apples. Buy the other ones.

some… ones

These cups are dirty. Can we have some clean ones?

My shoes are very old. I’m going to buy some new ones.

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