in – at – on

-Where’s David?
-In the kitchen. / In the garden. / In Seoul.

What’s in that box / in that bag / in that closet?

Rachel works in a store / in a bank / in a factory.

I went for a swim in the river / in the pool / in the ocean.

Milan is in the north of Italy. Naples is in the south.

I live in a big city, but I’d like to live in the country.


There’s somebody at the bus stop / at the door.

The car is waiting at the traffic light.

Anna is working at her desk.

at the top

Write your name at the top of the page.

My house is at the end of the street.


There are some books on the shelf and some pictures on the wall.

There are a lot of apples on those trees.

Don’t sit on the grass. It’s wet.


There is a stamp on the envelope.

Who is that man on the motorcycle?

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