I like music – I hate exams

I like music – I hate exams

like music

I like music, especially classical music.
(not the music … the classical music)

We don’t eat meat very often. (not the meat)

Life is not possible without water. (not The life … the water)

hate exams

I hate exams. (not the exams)

Is there a store near here that sells newspapers?

My favorite sports are tennis and skiing (not the tennis … the skiing)

Do you think English is difficult? (not the English)

Tom’s brother is studying physics and chemistry.

Flowers are beautiful. (= flowers in general)

don't like

I don’t like cold weather. (= cold weather in general)

We don’t eat fish very often. (= fish in general)

Are you interested in history? (= history in general)

the flowers

I love your garden. The flowers are beautiful. (= the flowers in your garden)

The weather isn’t very good today. (= the weather today)

We had a great meal last night. The fish was excellent.
(= the fish we ate last night)

Do you know much about the history of your country?

به این مطلب امتیاز دهید

وبینار برنامه‌ریزی گام‌به‌گام یادگیری زبان در سال 1402

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