at 8:00 – on Monday – in April

at 8:00
at 10:30
at midnight, etc.
at night
at the end of…

I start work at 8:00 in the morning.

The banks close at 5:00.

I can’t sleep at night.

I’m taking a trip at the end of October.

on Sunday(s) / Monday(s), etc.
on April 25 / June 6, etc.
on Monday morning / Tuesday afternoon / Friday night, etc.
on New Year’s Day, etc.

Bye! See you on Friday. or See you Friday. (with or without on)

Do you work on Sundays? or Do you work Sundays?

The concert is on November 20. or The concert is November 20.

I’m leaving on Friday night. or I’m leaving Friday night.

They like to eat out on the weekend / on weekends.

in April/June, etc.
in 2013/1988, etc.
in the spring/summer/fall/winter
in the morning/afternoon/evening


I’m taking a trip in October.

Amy was born in 1995.

The park is beautiful in the fall.

Do you often go out in the evening?

this… (this morning / this week, etc.)
every… (every day / every week, etc.)
last… (last August / last week, etc.)
next… (next Monday / next week, etc.)

What are you doing this weekend?

We go on vacation every summer. Last summer we went to Europe.

I’m leaving next Monday. (not on next Monday)


Hurry! The train leaves in five minute. (= it leaves five minutes from now)

Bye! I’ll see you In a few days. (= a few days from now)

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