afraid of … – good at …

Are you afraid of dogs? or Are you scared of dogs?

Are you angry about last night? (= something that happened last night)

Why are you mad at me? What did I do?

Tina is very bad at tennis.

Lisa is very different from her sister. or Lisa is very different than her sister.

I’m fed up with my job. I want to do something different. (= I’ve had enough of my job)

The room was full of people.

Are you good at math?

I’m not interested in sports.

Sue is married to a dentist. (= her husband is a dentist)

It was nice of you to help us. Thank you very much.

David is very friendly. He’s always very kind to me.

I’m afraid I cant help you. I’m sorry about that.

Sorry for being late. or Sorry about being late. (You can also say: Sorry I’m late)

I feel sorry for them. They are in a very difficult situation.

نمونه جمله فاعل افعال to be
I do my work do I
he likes ice cream likes he
she buys a new car every year buys she
it has a door has it
we play footbal play we
you seem sad seem you
they read a alot read they

always, never, often, usually, sometimes + حال ساده

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