(a) little – (a) few

a little

She didn’t eat anything but she drank a little water.

I speak a little Spanish. (= some Spanish but not much)

A: Can you speak Spanish?
B: A little.

a few

Excuse me, I have to make a few phone calls.

We’re going away for a few days.

I speak a few words of Spanish.

A: Do you have any stamps?
B: Yes, a few. Do you want one?


There was little food in the fridge. It was almost empty.

Dan is very thin because he eats very little (= almost nothing)


There were few people in the theater. It was almost empty.

Your English is very good. You make very few mistakes.


They have a little money, so they’re not poor. (= they have some money)

They have little money. They are very poor. (= almost no money)


I have a few friends. so I’m not lonely. (= I have some friends)

I’m sad and I’m lonely. I have few friends (= almost no friends)

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